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13. Quarters

Bren dumped the pile of packages on the floor in front of his cubby in the officers quarters. He sorted through the items and placed them carefully into the drawers under his bed: uniforms, boots, socks, underwear, datapad with textbooks, and a bundle of his old formal clothes. 

He sat down in the bed-cubby and looked around inside it. It was not very big, just enough for a mattress, pillow, and blanket. The wood paneling made it cozy and nice even if it was just veneer. It had a comm panel with video screen, and even a curtain he could pull to make it dark … and to be alone if he needed to. 

Bren thought about his new situation: He had nice clothes and a comfortable place to sleep. He still missed his pack and home, but he had a new pack who cared about him and there was food. He had a proper identification card, he wasn’t a kitchen slave, and he’d get to see the galaxy. 

Everything was right with the world.