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3. Correspondence

Roland Feltwig sat at the table in his stateroom aboard the Tarkel’s Glory, datapad before him. He couldn’t write the letter with pen and paper; he had to send it quickly before the ship left Outba space station. 

Roland Feltwig
Tarkel’s Glory
Bren Feltwig
Outba Station

I hope this letter finds you healthy and whole. We searched for you everywhere; we called you on your data pad and dispatched station security. We failed. There was no delaying the ship’s departure. 

I fear that the worst has happened. Were you abducted by the Srrrylat Hierarchy for a life of slavery, or taken to some Rshast prison over a misplaced comma? 

Beware beings with bold stripes. Remember the bard’s speech to his nephew. Whatever happens, I hope you will approach your life with Feltwig dignity and courage.