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7. Bridge

Captain Lupindo looked at Commander Garwulf’s image on the view screen.

“Hang on,” said the captain. “Let me understand what happened here. You four found this young wolf at the Tiff and Fox, working for the proprietor for no money and under threat of being sold into slavery. You wanted to take him onto the ship, for his own good, but the only way you could get the proprietor to hand him over was to buy him off with a keg of beer. And now you can’t get him back to the ship because he has no identity papers.” 

“Uh, yes, Captain,” said Commander Garwulf. “That about sums it up.” 

Garwulf saw the Captain turn to the communications officer on the bridge. 

“Comm. Please get me the Wolfheim Consul. Tell him it’s urgent; It’s a legal matter.”

“Wolfheim Consul, aye,” came the response. 

Timber frowned and looked at Commander Garwulf again. 

He looked down and folded back his ears as she realized what he had done and in what sort of trouble it could land him … and by extension, his Captain. 

“Captain, Comm. I’ve got the Wolfheim Consul on the line.” 

“Thank you. Consul? Thank you for taking my call on such short notice. My name is Captain Timberwoof Lupindo, of the Jackal’s Trove, a freighter of Wolfheim registry tied up at dock here.” 

“Captain Lupindo; I’m Consul Gormarkin. How can I help you?” 

“Consul, I urgently need to make an appointment with you to discuss a legal matter.”

“What does this concern?” 

“Involuntary servitude, Consul. An undocumented minor citizen of Wolfheim.” 

“That is serious. Please come to my office at once. I’ll send someone to meet you at Immigration.”

“Yes, Consul. Thank you.”

“Thank you, Captain. Goodbye.”

The Consul’s image disappeared from the screen. Captain Lupindo looked at the other screen where Garwulf waited. 

“I’ll be there shortly. Lupindo out.”