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8. Immigration

When Captain Lupindo arrived at Outba Station Immigration, he was met by a Cratif station security officer, a lieutenant if he read the insignia right. The captain could see his officers, two crew members, and a young wolf waiting for him on the other side of the security checkpoint … along with four station security officers. 

“Captain Timberwoof of the Jackal’s Trove?” asked the officer. 

“Yes. And you are?” 

“Ian Dundee, chief of security. I’m to escort you to the administrative offices.”

“I was expecting to be escorted to the Wolfheim Consulate.”

“Yes, Sir. Consul Gormarkin and Commander MacKenzie are waiting for you at the administrative offices. Please come with us.” 

“Yes, sir,” said the captain. 

Dundee led him through the security checkpoint. 

“Captain,” said Commander Garwulf. 

“Commanders, Lieutenants.” 

Captain Lupindo looked at Bren, who squirmed.

“Am I in trouble?” Bren asked. 

Commander Fox and the Quartermaster put reassuring paws on his shoulder. 

“No,” said Dundee. “You are not.” 

Captain Lupindo looked at his crew, then at Dundee. 

“Chief, may I send my lieutenants and crew members back to my ship?” 

Dundee considered the request. 

“It will make your job easier,” Captain Lupindo added.  

“Yes, Captain. It will. Send your crew back.” 

“Lieutenants, spacers. You heard the chief. Return to the ship.” 

“Aye, Captain.” 

The crew wolves did not hide their relief at being dismissed. The captain watched as they crossed the checkpoint and disappeared into the tunnel to the Jackal’s Trove.

Dundee led the way with two of his officers; two more followed the group. They went through corridors directly to the station offices, and thence to a conference room.