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I have published several books on FurAffinity and am working on producing PDFs and Kindle books. FurAffinity is a members-only web site.

Space Cadets

Timberwoof Lupindo and his cousin Timberwoof Lupindo were both named for their uncle who made First Contact with the interstellar civilization. They entered the new Star Fleet Academy and became officers in Wolfheim’s new fleet of starships.

Excerpt FurAffinity

Black Gazza

Timber Lupindo and his cousin Timby Lupindo are promoted to their own starships. Through unfortunate events their careers take turns for the worse, ending up at a notorious secret prison.

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Donny Williams

In a xenophobic society where some kids are secretly taught about the galaxy through their role-playing games, one misfit is kidnapped to a training camp for a secret interstellar government agency.

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Bren’s Tale

Abandoned on a space station, a young wolf must find his way alone. Timberwoof Lupindo, starship Captain, takes him in for the return journey home, the long way around. Bren’s aristocratic upbringing sometimes clashes with the practical-minded nature of spacers.

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The Tabernacles of God

The Zulu Sector is threatened by a race of insectoids bent on enslaving everyone. Timberwoof Lupindo discovers a civilization-shattering secret.

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