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Timber Lupindo joined TRMN at WorldCon in San Jose in August 2018. By October he had completed the BuTrain requirements for Senior Chief Petty Officer and the Coxswain rating. Timber Lupindo is Chief Coxswain aboard the HMS Medusa, a superdreadnought in the Tenth Fleet, which patrols San Francisco and Oakland.. 

2018-10-27 Drove 1300 miles to Denver to participate in MileHiCon 49 where, in Enlisted Uniform, he volunteered time at the HMS Wolf’s recruiting table. 

2018-12-04, upon fixing the dreaded SWP Bug in MEDUSA, was assigned to MEDUSA as a software developer. There he set up the testing infrastructure for the database back-end testing and web-based front-end testing, and wrote basic tests for use as examples for others to use as patterns for writing more tests. 

2019-05-25 at Baycon he led a TRMN discussion panel on Literary Tropes in Space Opera and assisted in an SFI trivia game panel. 

2019-06 – 2019-08: Gaming with HMS Medusa at Game Kastle in San Jose and on-line with Artemis Bridge Simulator, totaling 13 hours.

2019-07: completed sewing Service Undress Uniform.

2019-08-15 at a showing of The Wrath of Khan at the Castro Theater in San Francisco, he entered the Costume Contest and received a personal compliment on his uniform from Producer Robert Sallin.

Costume Contest at Oasis showing of The Wrath of Khan at the Castro Theater

2020-10-21 published Working Uniform Tutorial.

2020-11: Timber took on the task of editing the HMS Medusa web page. The purpose was to clean up formatting issues, focus on providing information for potential new members, and keeping members’ profiles updated.

2021-03-16: Assigned as Electronics Instructor within the Communications Department of Saganami Island Academy.

2021-05-21: Assigned as Coxswain Instructor within the Astrogation Department of Saganami Island Academy.

2022-01-18: Assigned as Chair, Astrogation Department of Saganami Island Academy.

2022-02-09: Completed Ship’s Serviceman Warrant project, designing and making a Havenite Enlisted Undress Uniform.

Awards and Promotions

2018-09-11 Space Service Deployment Ribbon

2018-11-01 Enlisted Space Warfare Pin. The Space Warfare Pin is awarded to officers and enlisted personnel of all services who have completed a rigorous set of RMN or RMMC qualifications which qualifies them as an Officer of the Watch or Marine Officer of the Watch. TJ Allen, OE, Deputy Provost Marshal, BuTrain, Commodore

2018-11-01 Silesian Anti-Piracy Campaign Medal for extreme or lengthy travel on behalf of the TRMN: MileHiCon 2018; Erik Roberts, CO BatDiv 201

2018-12-04, brevet promotion to Chief Petty Officer upon joining MEDUSA development staff.

2018-12-30 Masadan Occupation Medal for participation on behalf of The Royal Manticoran Navy at a function of another fan organization: Planning meetings for BayCon, SFI; James Jones 10FCO

2019-08-10 Masadan Occupation Medal for participation on behalf of The Royal Manticoran Navy at a function of another fan organization: In regards to SFI Region 4 Summit; James Jones, 10FCO

2019-08-11 Havenite War Campaign Medal for participating in an official Admiralty House function of The Royal Manticoran Navy: BayCon 2019; James Jones 10FCO

2019-10-29 Observer Wings. Vaclav G. “Jim” Ujcik, Command Chief Petty Officer Manticore Central Control

2020-08-12 Armed Forces Service Medal for completing the Ensign Exam.

2020-12-31 Promotion to Senior Chief Petty Officer.

2021-01-26 earned first Manticoran Combat Action Medal (recorded 2021-03-01) for completing 40 BuTrain courses. Sonja Thiede, KDE, KR, SC, OG, DSO; Captain (SG), RMN; Chief of Staff, Sixth Space Lord (BuTrain)

2021-12-04 earned second Manticoran Combat Action Medal. Chris Tolbert, OG; Captain(SG) RMN; BuTrain Chief of Staff

2022-01-08 awarded the Distinguished Gallantry Cross.
“Chief Lupindo has done many things on behalf of TRMN, 10th Fleet, and Task Group 91.1, and is one of the most valuable crew members of HMS Medusa. Just a few examples include creating a guide for making the Enlisted Working Jumpsuit and making it available for all to use, doing significant work re-vamping HMS Medusa’s website, and every convention in the SF Bay Area we’ve had a presence at, he has not only attended but been instrumental in making sure things run smoothly. This includes assisting with the Wardroom, manning the tables, and on occasion even running panels. He is a great asset to the organization.” — Laura Lochen, KSK, KDR, KDE, MC, SC; Fleet Admiral of the Red, RMN; First Space Lord; Duchess Split Rock