TRMN gives Medals

I’ve been a member of TRMN for a year now; yesterday marks the anniversary of my Space Service Deployment Ribbon. Since then I’ve been awarded three more medals.

Silesian Anti-Piracy Campaign Medal, 2019-10-21 for manning the TRMN table at MileHiCon 2018

Havenite War Campaign Medal, 2019-08-11 Baycon 2019 panel “Tropes in Space Opera”

Masadan Occupation Medal, twice: 2018-12-30 USS Gygax Meeting in Sacramento and 2019-08-10 Baycon 2019 Region 4 Summit.

Timberwoof Dot Com

This post marks the beginning of Timberwoof Lupindo’s adventures as a swashbuckling anthorpomorphic space cadet in space! Here at I will be posting my stories in progress for you to read, enjoy, comment, encourage, disparage, as you please. The site will grow and change and eventually settle down into a comfortable rhythm of new story installments. Enjoy!

The first book starts here: Bren’s Tale.