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Death by Chocolate

This was my submission to the FC 15 con book. I tried to follow the submission guidelines for length, but even so, this runs to 15 pages. So I think I know why it did not get included. So here it is, a murder mystery set in 1885 Victorian London.

Professor Firstenaw could see his breath in the chilly evening air. The days were drawing shorter, and the moon was rising gibbous over the trees of Hyde Park. Firstenaw was thankful for his fur as he watched some humans all bundled up against the cold.
A small crowd remained at Speakers’ Corner, listening or heckling depending on their mood. The speaker’s words caught his ears, which he rotated in that direction.
“…Will lead to a decline in the moral fabric of our great city. Our children are not safe from their predations. They’re not like us; they don’t have the same sense of morals that we do. See! There goes one now, trying to pretend he’s not involved, but his ears give him away! See how he’s listening in all secretively! You there! Go back to Prussia or Bohemia or wherever you came from!”

Death by Chocolate PDF

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