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BookPress Plugin Review

I wanted a plugin for WordPress that lets me publish books online with a reasonable navigation system. The BookPress plugin promised to be everything I wanted but failed to deliver.

Two themes I have broke the presentation. There is no list of themes that have been tested and verified to work. I’m cheap, so I got some nice-looking themes from the WordPress site. I’m disappointed that the plugin formatting broke with both of them. 

The Table of Contents feature is nice but broken. When you click a TOC entry it jumps to that page but it does not highlight the page button correctly. This makes the page buttons unusable when going to specific chapters. With back/next, you can’t get to the TOC

Pages are always shown two a time. Only clicking the odd-numbered pages advances. Only clicking the even-numbered pages works going back. There is no option to show just one page. The format sets a specific size of the text which is not related to the window size.

When you switch between roman-numerals and Arabic numerals, the other one stays highlighted. Since it’s not active, it should not be highlighted. 

I added 15 pages to a book. It takes a minute and 15 seconds to load the first page. That’s unacceptable performance. No one will read a book this way. 

Chapter elements have titles. But there’s no option to have those titles show up in the actual pages. I have to add the title yourself to each element. 

My verdict: Unacceptable. I think I will just post introductory paragraphs and throw PDFs at people. 

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